Alopecia Awareness Month


October is Alopecia Awareness month. Alopeica is a widespread condition that effects thousands of individuals in different forms throughout the UK and the rest of the world. There is currently no known cure for Alopeica, with those affected by the condition left to deal with their hair loss and the impact this can have on their lives.

As Alopecia becomes more common, so to do the support groups and networks of support that have sprung up all over the UK. As well as this, the art of Cosmetic Tattooing for Alopecia patients is rising with more practitioners training and gaining experience in this area. Our very own Caron Vetter is one of the very few experts in this field, and has been carrying out Cosmetic and Medical Tattooing for over 27 years. This gives her an unprecedented insight into the world of Alopecia and how Cosmetic/Medical Tattooing can help.

We asked Caron why she is so passionate about offering this treatment to Alopeica suffers, and how she thinks it can help them?

‘Alopecia can spring upon a person overnight, one day they have hair, the next they don’t. The trauma this can cause is unimaginable and ones self-confidence can be kicked to the floor. The fact that in some small way, micropigmentation can help re-build this confidence and give a person their ‘star-quality’ is what continues to drive me in this industry. We all know a local semi-permanent makeup salon that can offer the latest brows on trend, but it is that next level of service and experience that I am proud to offer. Connecting with a patient not only cosmetically but emotionally and genuinely, is what I get a buzz from! I have valuable experience and skills on offer, I am so thankful that these can be used for such a fantastic cause. Alopecia is a hard condition to be diagnosed with but giving someone back their eyebrows or enhancing their eyes with eyeliner, is a service I will never grow tired of offering’.

Caron sees many Alopecia patients on a monthly basis, both female and male. Whether looking for a set of life-like eyebrows, or eyeliner to frame the eyes after loosing all their eyelashes, there is help available for all.

Of course Micropigmentation is just one small piece in a very large puzzle. Whilst scalp micropigmentation can be used to help male sufferers replicate stubble head hair, women that choose to can enter the world of wigs and headpieces!

To celebrate Alopecia Awareness Month Caron is offering a £50 discount to all Alopecia clients when booking in for Cosmetic Tattooing.

To book call 01296 614441 or email


*Must be booked and paid by 29th October 2017. If no availability left for October payment must be taken at time of booking over the phone, and booked no later than December 2017. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.




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