Eyelash Enhancement – Get the latest trend now!

We have all seen the increasing popularity of eyebrow treatments rocket, with procedures like Microblading and Cosmetic Tattooing driving this to the forefront. Well, now in addition to creating the perfect brows, we want the perfect set of eyes to match!

Introducing the Eyelash Enhancement; the latest trend set to soar in a bid to help those looking for the ultimate beauty goal – perfect brows+perfect eyes!

Eyelash Enhancement – What is it?

An eyelash enhancement is a treatment using pigments and micropigmentation techniques to fill in among the eyelashes, creating definition and enhancing the lashes. This action lifts the lashes, creating volume and body, which can have fantastic results for your overall appearance and frame of the face. Below demonstrates just this in some before and after images.

After1 After2 Patricia Pope before Patricia Pope after

Eyelash Enhancement – How does it work?

Pigment is implanted into the skin using a very fine needle and a power supplied hand piece. As it is placed in-between the lashes the lengthening illusion is created. The pigment can be implanted in a micro-thin line, or a more fuller line, this is at the request of the client and at the agreement of your practitioner. Together this will be decided before beginning in order to achieve the best possible results. You will need two treatments around four to six weeks apart, with a yearly maintenance treatment.

If you would like any further information or would like to book in for a Free Consultation or for treatment, then please call Whitethorn Fields MediClinic on 01296 614441, or you can email us at enquiries@whitethornmediclinic.co.uk





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