Cosmetic Tattooing vs Microblading


Whats the difference?
Cosmetic tattooing has been around for many years now, with it’s popularity exploding all around the world within the last five years. With this, a new form of tattooing was introduced to the market recently that has caught the attention of thousands of women around the world; Microblading. So, what exactly is Microblading and why would you choose this new treatment over the original machine led Cosmetic Tattooing?

Cosmetic Tattooing
Cosmetic Tattooing is also popularly known as Semi Permanent Make Up, or Eyebrow Tattooing. This procedure uses an electronic hand held device to implant tiny particles of pigment into the skins surface. It is different to a permanent tattoo because the pigment particles are not inserted as deep into the skin and is therefore not permanent.

Cosmetic Tattooing is used for Semi Permanent Eyebrows, Eyeliner and Lip color. It can also be used for Eye shadow procedures. With different needle configurations available and a sea of pigment colors, you can create definition, shape and even replace completely missing features such as eyebrows. Clients can request whether they want thick block brows, or natural light hair stroke brows.

Microblading is the same principle as Cosmetic Tattooing, but is carried out with a blade, instead of a handheld machine. It is still pigments being placed into the surface of the skin, and is still only semi permanent. The difference lies in the kind of results you can achieve, and who a possible candidate would be. Very fine delicate blades are used to pierce the skin with the pigment, leaving immaculate individual hair strokes in its wake. These can be used to add definition to thinning or sparse brows, or they can add depth and texture to already big brows that just want that little bit extra WOW factor!

Both procedures use the same pigments, and both procedures are only semi-permanent. If you are unsure on which treatment is the one for you then book in for a Consultation with your experienced Micropigmentation Specialist and they will be able to guide you in making the right choice for you.

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