G&T Peel – what exactly is in it for me?


You may have heard a lot about our new G&T Peel of late, but do you actually know just what we are offering you and the benefits you could receive? If not have a quick read at this very helpful breakdown!

YOU GET:  x 6 in-clinic facial peels and a home-use product pack with over 10 weeks stock

AT-HOME PRODUCT PACK: There are two different types of packs you can take home depending on your skin type. These packs are worth alone over £164 and £216! They contain high medi-grade skin care products that assist in your peeling programme.

IN-CLINIC PEELS: You receive 6 in-clinic peels over 10 weeks. Every two weeks your peel goes up in strength as your skin improves and develops.

WHAT CAN IT TREAT?: The G&T Peel is kind to all skin types and there is hardly any down time due to the soothing taurine used in the peel. It is fantastic for mild acne, pigmentation, open pores, black/white heads, poor overall skin complexion. You may experience some dryness and flakiness a day or two post peel but no severe peeling will take place. All the action is going on underneath the skins surface!

COST: The Rejuvenation Package costs £360 for your 6 peels and at-home product pack. The Pigmentation Package costs £390 for your 6 peels and at-home product pack.

This fantastic treatment programme is brilliant value that delivers brilliant results! For further information or to book your peel programme or a free consultation please call the clinic on 01296 614441 or email enquiries@whitethornmediclinic.co.uk


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