Chemotherapy vs Eyebrows – who says chemo has to win?

The word Chemotherapy evokes many emotions in different people; fear, sadness, anxiety, apprehension, hope…

A lot of these emotions can be connected with the fear of not only their health but their appearance. As well as coping with the heartache and battle of beating the disease, they also have to face what can be complete turmoil as the friendly happy healthy face they know and love slowly changes before their eyes and the eyes of those they love…

So, is there anything we can stand up to chemo with? To help, even if just a little bit, to make the process easier … Yes there is!

Semi Permanent Makeup is used to tattoo over your existing eyebrows before chemotherapy starts. This means, that when the hair eventually falls out leaving no hair at all, you still have eyebrows in place. The tattooed brows stay in place of the missing hair and help maintain definition and shape. The difference this makes can be astounding.

I come to write this blog after a recent patient of Caron’s wrote in to tell us just how much of a difference this made to her throughout her chemotherapy treatment, which is still on-going. Not only for herself personally but for those around her. The feedback she received from nurses and staff at the hospital as well as her loved ones – they were all simply amazed at just how well she looked and have all concluded this was down to the eyebrows!

Eyebrows are forgettable things that many take for granted. But take them away leaving nothing but a blank space, and the stark difference becomes apparent.

Staff at the hospital were so used to the same heart breaking experience of those they treat, with hair loss changing those they get to know well, among other things. But when Denise started her chemotherapy and the treatments continued, for a while no one could pin point just exactly how or why she looked so good still!

Put together with a fantastic life-like wig, everyone agreed it was down to the eyebrows! Having that definition and shape still in place just helps elevates the strain and stresses that chemotherapy brings with it.

Denise wanted to share her story in the hope of helping others too. We all know chemotherapy is a god awful horrible experience to have to go through, so if this can help some in just a small way – well we think it’s worth it!

Denise is about to undergo her 6th chemotherapy session and here you can see just how fabulous she is still looking! Go Denise, you rock!!

4 5


Here you can see Denise’s eyebrow hair has fallen out as a result of the chemotherapy, but her eyebrows are still in place after having Semi Permanent Makeup before starting treatment. Semi Permanent Eyeliner is also available which can help with the loss of eyelashes, again maintaining a vibrant healthy glow throughout your chemotherapy.

If you are interested in anything you have seen within this article then please call or email the clinic on 01296 614441 –

Bethany Mallinson
Practice Manager
Whitethorn Fields MediClinic


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