When Semi Permanent Eyebrows go wrong…

As the trend grows and more technicians train in this specialist treatment it is inevitable that there are going to be some bad results at the hands of inadequately trained and/or inexperienced practitioners. When this happens, it can be truly traumatic for the client and can have devastating consequences. So, what help is there available? What can be done once the treatment is complete and you are left with eyebrows that are simply inadequate and you do not want?

Caron Vetter has been carrying out Semi Permanent Makeup for over 20 years and is one of the esteemed experienced professionals within the industry. Now teaching medical tattooing to nurses within the NHS and privately all over the UK, Caron also specialises in Tattoo Removal/Semi Permanent Eyebrow Correction.

After becoming concerned at the growing number of badly tattooed eyebrows she was seeing come her way for help, she decided there must be more she can do to rectify what was becoming a regular problem. After some extensive research and investment, Caron trained in laser tattoo removal and other pigment removal techniques to be able to really help those that needed it.

Starting with a set of unacceptable eyebrows that need improving, Caron can now remove the pigment using laser. Once this process is complete and the skin has settled back down, Caron can then re-tattoo over the area a new set of beautifully arched, natural eyebrows.

Here are the before and after images of a client of Caron’s who found herself in exactly that situation. After receiving treatment from an incompetent practitioner found from an online discount website, Kimberly found herself left with awful eyebrows and was unsure on what to do next. Then she found Caron…

‘A couple of years ago I was reading a magazine and it mentioned cosmetic tattooing, it was the first I have heard of this and it sounded like the answer to all my prayers. As I had been pencilling in my brows every day for years and the idea that I could stop sounded great.

I mentioned this to a friend who then told me she had seen a deal online for a local place that was doing eyebrow tattooing so I booked in straight away.

I did attend a consultation and talked about colour choices so I was quite happy to go ahead. But once the work was completed I was utterly horrified, the colour was black and the shape was uneven.

I was reassured that the colour would lighten & fade out loads over the coming few weeks and not to worry so I tried to stay calm.

Unfortunately this never happened, I left it 2 months and the awful black colour didn’t lighten or change, so I contacted the person that did the tattooing and she offered to go over the colour again with another lighter colour. This sounded to me like it would make a bad situation worse and she wouldn’t guarantee a better outcome so I refused. She still stated that the colour would get better over the next 2 months, it didn’t change at all.

This started to affect my confidence as I knew I looked a mess and other than spending ages covering the brows each day with make up which was near impossible due to the colour I could do nothing.

At this point while looking online for solutions I came across Caron Vetter and her work at Whitethorn Fields MediClinic. 

Being very worried after my last experience I was nervous but Caron was sure that she could help me sort out my eyebrows.

I have been coming to see Caron for a year now, she has used laser removal on the area 3 times and has just re-tattooed my brows for me.

I can wholeheartedly say I’m completely happy with my new eyebrows now and truly wish I had discovered Caron and Whitethorn at the start as the whole experience with them has been great.’

Before – the original brows were left solid, black and unsuitable for Kimberley’s natural features, facial shape and colour tone.

healed       healed6

After – following 3 treatments of laser tattoo removal Caron then re-tattooed over what was left of the original treatment, creating new softer more natural brows that help frame Kimberly’s face and enhance her features.


If you would like any more information on Tattoo Removal or Eyebrow Correction please call the clinic on 01296 614441 to book in for your free of charge no-obligation consultation, or email us at enquiries@whitethornmediclinic.co.uk 



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