It’s all in the name.. ULTIMATE

concealer fair concealer medium concealer tan

Youngblood Mineral Makeup is a fantastic range of mineral cosmetics that can be used post treatment and is perfect for sensitive skin. Giving 100% coverage whilst feeding the skin with minerals and nutrients, it should be the only choice of makeup for anyone who wants to take care of their skin.

One product in particular that should be found in every woman’s makeup bag is the Youngblood Ultimate Concealer.

We have always known it is great, but lets look at what makes it ULTIMATE!

The Ultimate Concealer is used to conceal dark circles under the eyes, blemishes and patches of discoloration to the face.  The concealer is formulated from a light-reflective cream which will not settle into any lines or creases. As is all of the Youngblood range, the ultimate concealer is packed with minerals and vitamins to brighten and smooth out the under eye area.

Youngblood Ultimate Concealer – £23


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