CACI – I am a big fan!

Julie is a client of Whitethorn Fields MediClinic and here she shares her opinion on the pioneering anti-ageing treatment, CACI.

‘It doesn’t matter how “good” your DNA, how healthy your lifestyle or how faithfully you have followed your beauty regime, there comes a time in every women’s life, when she sees her face and body skin losing their radiance, contour and elasticity.  And of course, there is the appearance of those dreaded lines and wrinkles. It is just one of those nuisance things that we cannot stop. Basically, the skin’s support proteins collagen and elastin weaken over time, resulting in a loss of tone and shape.  Facial contours start to move” south”.  This is most noticeable in women over 40.

I care how I present myself to the outside world, particularly in a world obsessed by youth. Looking the best that I can gives me confidence to face the world and all it has to throw at me.

However, I am reluctant to go for the more invasive procedures and would never consider surgery.  Just not for me!  I found CACI a few years ago.  This non-invasive non-surgical facelift is my hero treatment.  It has made a huge difference to how I look and therefore, how I feel.  Other women often comment on my face – how it is toned, sculpted, how my cheek bones are pronounced.  I have noticed all of these things too. However, most of all, I still marvel at the effect on my lips.  They had got thinner.  I really noticed this and didn’t like it.   CACI helped to plump them out and plump they remain.  I am happy!

Now the science!  The system uses specific wave forms and frequencies that work in harmony with the body’s own bio electrical field.  CACI transmits tiny electrical impulses and signals which stimulate muscle tone and enhance skin tissue.    It treats poor muscle tone, facial lines and wrinkles – all natural characteristics of ageing skin.  You start with an intensive course of 10 treatments over 5 weeks to really stimulate the facial muscles and then move to a maintenance programme, where you have one treatment every month.  There is no pain – you can feel your muscles being stimulated but you need to – to have the desired effect.

I supplement my CACI treatments with one of the wave form devices I bought off the internet.  It is nowhere near as effective as my CACI treatments but every little bit helps.  I exfoliate my skin at least twice a week to get rid of dead, dull skin cells to leave a brighter complexion (yes, even cell renewal slows down with age!).  I ensure that I use a good serum and moisturiser and a minimum sun protection factor of 30. And finally, I treat my skin, hair and joints from the inside too.  I ensure that I take a daily collagen shot, from brands such as Skinade and Protocol.  It makes sense to me, to attack ageing from all angles!

I am one of CACI’s biggest fans.  If you are like me, over 40 and just want to look as good as you can – then give CACI a go.  I think that you will become a fan too!’


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