Never mind doctors, send for a tattooist! – Daily Mail article on Caron Vetter and Medical Tattooing


Caron Vetter and Whitethorn Fields Mediclinic were this week featured in the Daily Mail when an article discussing the life changes medical tattooing can achieve and its availability within the NHS was published.

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Caron is a specialist in her field of Medical Tattooing with particular experience in Areola Restoration; a procedure used to re-create a missing nipple or areola after a breast reconstruction has been performed, usually following breast cancer. Not only does Caron provide this service from her clinic in Stoke Mandeville, Whitethorn Fields Mediclinic, she also teaches the art of areola restoration to nurses both privately and within the NHS, with the aim of making this service more readily available throughout the UK. Caron also carries out medical tattooing procedures such as eyebrow replacement for people with alopecia and cleft lip camouflage.

Caron and other professionals alike feel more regulation and knowledge on medical tattooing is needed within the NHS so that all breast care nurses, surgeons and consultants are aware of the procedures available and can offer them to their patients. The importance of having a reputable establishment within a safe and experienced environment that they can refer on to needs to become more widespread throughout the UK.

For further information on medical tattooing and Caron Vetter please click HERE.

Deb Lid B and A

Areola Restoration Before and After


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