Breast Health Clinic – Thermography at Whitethorn Fields MediClinic


Whitethorn Fields MediClinic will soon be offering a breast thermography service, in conjunction with Inspired Nutrition and The Chiron Clinic in Harley Street. AS SEEN ON THIS MORNING: Click here for video

Did you know, 50,285 new cases of Breast Cancer in the UK in 2011. 11,716 deaths from Breast Cancer in the UK in 2012. 27% of preventable cases of Breast Cancer in the UK.

Thermography is recommended as an additional to, rather than a replacement for mammograms, which are the standard breast cancer screening tool offered by the NHS. The cost of £195 includes one scan and a one hour follow up consultation with Nutritionist Jenny Phillips, author of Eat to OUTSMART Cancer. Referrals to Dr Nyjon Eccles can also be made if appropriate.


  • Thermography uses an infra-red camera to detect heat and cold in the body and this can be useful in determining clusters of cells that are becoming metabolically overactive.
  • When applied to the breast, it can help to determine breast cancer risk, often before a cancer is large enough to be identified by conventional means.
  • This could result either in earlier treatment, or a window of opportunity. Here dietary and lifestyle interventions are employed to reduce the cancer risk.
  • Clinical testing looking at bloodwork, vitamin D status, iodine status and oestrogen metabolism may be considered.

We will be holding a Launch event for the Breast Thermography Clinic – if you would like to put your name on the invitation list please email: or call 01296 614441

The evening will include live demonstration and presentation of the service as well as a canopy reception. A night not to be missed so tell your mum, sisters, friends and family. Invitations to be sent beginning of July. 


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