Skinade Treatment Review: Day 9

Before Left Arm                      Left arm 9 dyays

Left Arm Before                                                         Left Arm 9 Days In

Before Right Arm2                      Right Arm 9 Days 1

Right Arm Before                                                       Right Arm 9 Days In

Before Side 1                       Face 9 days

Face Before                                                               Face 9 Days In
(please note that I am wearing an extremely light covering of powder in my current 9 days face image – an image without any makeup will be posted this evening. You can however still see the improvement in the skins overall condition as it is looking more consistent and healthy). 

Today marks day 9 into my 30 day Skinade course. Each morning I am drinking one bottle of Skinade along with my breakfast. I must admit that for the first 2-3 days, I got a not so pleasant after-taste in my mouth from the skinade drink, however this remarkably stopped from day 3 and the drink is now welcomed with my breakfast, adding a lovely fresh fruity taste to my mouth!

As for my skin condition, again this has remarkably improved. So much so that people cannot believe I am only 9 days into the course. I myself was also extremely astonished as to how quickly I started to feel the results, followed by visible signs of improvement. The two main areas of improvement I can see and feel so far are to my face, and the eczema on my arms (please see the pictures displaying before and current condition above).

I am currently using no other products on my eczema at all, as I am intrigued to see the effect Skinade can have on a condition such as this. The results are already mind blowing, 9 days into a 30 day course. As you can see.

As for the skin to my face, I first noticed the change in this when I was washing. The texture had become almost rubbery as it was incredibly more hydrated. In a few days after first feeling that change I was getting comments on how good my skin looked, and I myself noticed the improvement.

I am only excited to continue using Skinade and further see what results it can achieve. My next update will be 2 weeks from today, on Tuesday 5th May, with an image of my face with out any makeup being posted this evening.



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