EDS – Electronic Derma Stamp – Treatment Programme Review at Whitethorn Fields MediClinic: The Results

It has now been a matter of months since I completed my course of x3 EDS treatments with our Aesthetic Nurse Nikki, and here are the results.

Before After after1

before1 after2 after3


(Above; 1st image before no makeup, 2nd image after no makeup, 3rd image after with makeup).

after4 b&a

As earlier mentioned, my main concern was the severe acne scarring to my cheeks. These as you can see have dramatically improved. They are no longer huge deep craters in my skin but are much softer and much less noticeable. When I apply make up to these areas it no longer sinks in making the areas even more noticeable, it simply covers the face with an even smooth finish. Due to the severity of my scars I know I will need more then 3 sessions to completely remove any trace of them. It is a gradual procedure and from the results I have seen so far, I would be more than happy to continue with these treatments to achieve gradual improvement.

As for the over all condition of my skin, this is what suprised me more than anything. It is fair to say that I was probably more looking out for changes to my scarring and less bothered about any improvement to the condition to my skin, because the scarring had been a huge part of my life that I disliked for so long. So when people started commenting on my skins complexion and how great it was I was a little baffled. I myself hadn’t really noticed much but after looking back at my earlier photos and examining my skin at present, there was definite change and it was definitely for the better! I no longer had the odd patch of dry skin with very fine flakes peeling away, the greasiness that would coat my skin like a film was no longer present and I looked more or less the same colour all over. I look at my skin everyday and therefore it can become hard to notice these changes, however looking at my before and after photos it is undeniable that my skin has received a transformation, and I intend to carry it on with regular EDS treatments in conjunction with a good home skin care routine.

I now have a brilliant complexion and my skin is looking healthy and well nourished. On top of that my scarring really has been dramatically improved, and this is all down to the electronic derma stamp. I would recommend this treatment to anyone with realistic expectations and who has a commitment to their skincare, knowing that it does not happen over night.

EDS – you rock!

Bethany Mallinson
Practice Manager


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