A treatment combination that really, rather frankly, kicks butt!

meso facial
It can be very hard to decipherer through the hundreds of different aesthetic treatments available on the market today. You should look out for one thing amongst others, consistency. We have all heard about the popular muscle relaxing injections, commonly known as Botox, but why? Well, because it came on to the market, produced real results and therefore stayed on the market. It was not a fad that became available only to disappear as quick as it arrived! When a treatment actually works it sticks around, travels through the aesthetic market and sooner or later is a well known procedure for the professionals and eventually the public.

With this in mind, I would like to tell you about medical micro-skin needling and chemical peels.

Micro-skin needling has been around since the 1990’s and has been given many names within the aesthetic market including Dermarolling, Percutaneous Collagen Induction (PCI), Dry Tattooing and Collagen Induction Therapy. Today after all these years this procedure is still being widely practised and developed with most top aesthetic practices having a form of this treatment on their treatment menu. There are various options with varying results available, however they are all doing the same job, delivering high impact results for real problems. Some of the skin concerns that micro-skin needling can treat include Acne Scarring, Fine Lines and Wrinkles, Ageing, Scarring and Stretch Marks. Here is a small blurb about how the treatment works;

‘Advanced micro-medical skin-needling is a process which is used to encourage the natural repair of scar tissue. It is a very safe procedure that works with your own body. Your body will react to the treatment by working within the dermis layer of the skin. This is a process which takes time as it encourages the formation of collagen and then the generation of new skin cells. Blood supply to the skin is also encouraged and you will see the benefits of the treatment emerging over the following weeks and months. All of this ‘behind the scenes’ work will in turn treat any visible signs of scarring, stretch marks and ageing.’

At Whitethorn Fields MediClinic we have two forms of this treatment available that are within our top preforming treatments list. Meso Vytal and EDS (Electronic Derma Stamp) both use the technology of micro-skin needling, but at different strengths. The Meso Vytal is for anyone with mild to intermediate concerns of scarring, ageing or stretch marks. The EDS are for any cases of severe to very severe scarring, ageing or stretch marks and will work at a deeper level to the Meso Vytal against tougher scar tissue.

Below is a small blurb about chemical peels and how they work;

‘The thought of a chemical peel may be a little daunting, but in recent years the technology has come a long way and our range includes options from very mild to very severe. The basic function of a peel is to take away the dead skin cells which tend to sit on the outer layer of the skin. If you were to leave these dead skin cells where they are, they would prevent the skin from using oxygen properly, trap old sebum within the skin and prevent the skin from properly absorbing the skin products used. A great peel to start off with is a Pumpkin Peel – mild enough for all beginners but still packs a punch to deliver those all important results’.

Our secret we want to share with you all; alternate a micro-skin needling procedure with a chemical peel. We have found that alternating these treatments every 4-6 weeks gives mind blowing results. The micro-skin needling procedure will keep regenerating new collagen on the 8-12 week cycle with the peel in-between really keeping the skin in check, removing any dead skin cells and sebum formations that will start to appear. You are left with smooth, radiant plump skin that not only looks fantastic but really feels it to! Say goodbye to the dry, patchy, clogged up skin and hello to the youthful, flawless new skin!

So, if you are looking for results, if you are fed up of trying all the new treatments that come and go on a promise they will change your life then look no further. At Whitethorn Fields MediClinic we can tailor make an individual treatment plan for you and your skins needs, selecting the right micro-skin needling stage for you, and putting you on the correct chemical peel to really get the job done!

For more details on the Pumpkin Peel click here

For more details on micro-skin needling click here

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