Veinwave – By Toby Malcom – Years of weather beaten ageing reversed with one simple ‘ouch!’



Before I start, my name is Toby and I am not a blogger. My wife on the other hand is, and that is how I have ended up writing this piece, sharing an experience that I was so genuinely happy with.

For as long as I can remember my nose has been covered in small, red spidery veins, stretching out along my nose and creeping on to my cheeks. I work outdoors and will be outside throughout all the seasons, enjoying the sunshine during the hot summer’s months, and bracing the bitter cold through winter! Neither of these elements are on my side when it comes to my appearance and now the years are slowly starting to show. 

I am not one to start worrying about every wrinkle forming or how my complexion is probably not quite as good as it was all those years ago, but the veins that have been gradually congregating on my nose were starting to get the better of me, so I decided to do something about it. 

After an extensive internet search I came across Whitethorn Fields MediClinic in Stoke Mandeville and a treatment called Veinwave. They appeared professional and most importantly to me, experienced. I soon booked in for my appointment, deciding not to go for a free consultation first as they informed me this was not compulsory for this treatment.  

The day finally came and I was anxious and excited. Not really knowing what to expect but looking forward to finally getting rid of these veins. From my arrival to my departure at the clinic I felt 100% at ease and in the best possible hands. The place just gives off this aura of quality, professionalism and warmth, all at the same time. I was soon on the bed staring up at the ceiling, palms now a little sweaty. After having the procedure explained to me by my lovely practitioner it was time for business!

Now I am not going to lie to you, it was not a comfortable treatment. Quite frankly it hurt! But not a ‘run out of the room crying’ sort of pain, more like an annoying ‘my big brother just pinched me’ sort of pain! Before I could say ‘ouch’ it was all over. As I stood up and looked in the mirror I was shocked at the transformation! The whole bundle of veins that were so prominent and took over my whole face, were gone! Completely vanished! It was the best £80 I have spent. My practitioner explained to me that I may need one possibly two more treatments to really eliminate them all but at this point I was so surprised that the information went in one ear and out the other.

Two weeks have now passed as I am writing this blog and the difference if fantastic. I was red in the area for a couple of days after the treatment and formed one very small scab in part of the treatment area, but that soon healed over. Before, the first thing you would notice when looking at me would have been the veins, completely hiding my nose. Now the first thing you will see is my eyes and I am chuffed to bits, as is my wife!

I know many men with this problem who if knew about this simple procedure would be first in line to rid of their veins. Whether an outdoorsy ‘man’s man’ or a high flying London socialite, from one man to another; do it. It’s fantastic and I couldn’t recommend the treatment or Whitethorn Fields MediClinic any more. I have not even tried to explain in my own words how this treatment works, I thought I would leave that for the professionals so here is a link to Whitethorn Fields MediClinic’s website and the treatment Veinwave. 

Veinwave at Whitethorn Fields MediClinic in Stoke Mandeville, Buckinghamshire. 



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