Eyebrow Tattooing by Nicola Towers

Cosmetic Tattooing

I have had Alopecia since the age of four.  I lived in Africa and it is thought that I witnessed something violent or something violent happened to me that made my hair fall out at such a young age. I can’t remember anything about the event but the thing is I don’t really mind having Alopecia because I have never really known anything else.  It doesn’t dominate or define my life.  Yes I would like hair but if I never have a head of hair it wouldn’t really be a huge loss.  How can you really feel loss of hair if you have never really had any?!  However I really would appreciate it if whatever greater powers kindly didn’t give me a moustache – seriously how is that fair?! 


I digress.. So all these years my mother has always told me to get my eyebrows tattooed but I could never really see the point…that is until I met Caron Vetter.  Caron and I worked together for a few months and she tried to persuade me quite a few times to have the treatment.  I feared it would be painful but worse still that it might not be what I wanted at the end of the treatment and it was my face after all! Eyebrows really define your face for starters.  After meeting a couple of ladies who had their eyebrows tattooed by the amazing Caron, and reading a mass of glowing testimonials from happy clients of Caron’s I decided to go for it.


Last Friday was D-day but go figure, it literally didn’t hurt a bit.  I mean not a jot….and I love the result.  Caron got the colour bang on and has given my eyebrows shape that have been lacking for the last..er..30 years or so!  Everyone has commented how realistic they look and she really listened to me when I said I was going for the natural look.  I didn’t even have any scabby red bits post tattoo.  I have to go back for a second treatment in a month. 


Caron – thank you and please don’t ever retire (although I am pretty sure you won’t ever retire knowing you!).  I have a feeling I will become addicted to eyebrow tattooing and will want to get these done every two years once they fade.  I certainly wouldn’t trust anyone else to do them.






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