Prioritising Skin Health

I am one of the people who seriously take care of their skin. There isn’t a day when I don’t cleanse, tone and moisturise, I regularly use a face mask and I exfoliate my skin twice a week. In my 20s if I returned from a big night out at 5am (oh those were the days), I would still remove my make-up.  In fact I am regularly laughed at by my friends about my giant make up removal bag of tricks – we will see who laughs last when I am mistaken for a 40 something aged 70!  But whilst I am very diligent about my beauty regime at home, you really need to back that up with a good facial but I rarely have the time because I work full time and juggle two young boys at two different schools, one of whom is severely disabled. 

So I decided enough is enough and that I deserved a facial and needed to make the time for it, but I wanted to try something different and so opted for a Hydropeptide Anti-Ageing Skin Care Facial at Whitethorn Field MediClinic.

The treatment makes use of the Hydropeptide© range of products, one of the top names currently on the market for skin therapy and anti-ageing. The skin care and anti-ageing range from Hydropeptide has the largest group of peptides that can be found in any range of products (60+) and this is in addition to all the other essential skin nutrients that have been included. But what are peptides? 

So I am told peptides are the ‘cell messengers’ that are used to send messages to the skin’s cells so they can be used to promote the production of collagen, deal with repetitive muscle contractions and encourage the lash follicles, amongst many other benefits. In essence peptides are the building blocks of collagen and skin, and allow your skin to restore its youthful qualities. The system includes the six basic features needed for keeping the skin looking and feeling younger as well as promoting skin health.


The treatment included all sorts of exfoliations, cleansers, moisturisers and masks and my therapist Amanda explained all the way through what she was going to be putting on next.  It was incredibly relaxing.

One hour later I returned to the waiting room, feeling relaxed and my skin looked fresher and has a lovely glow and it felt incredibly smooth and soft.  I am certainly going to prioritise this in the future.

Hazel Scott


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