Protecting Sensitive Skin

Skin comes in many different shapes and sizes; course, sensitive, dry, oily, spot prone etc. As we move further forward into the 21st Century we know more now about our skin, the environment and solutions to skin problems than we ever have done and with extensive research and studies being carried out we are able to provide our body and our skin with informed protection like never before. 

That is how we know things like the sun, stress, and treatments such as chemotherapy, will all take its toll on our skins appearance. Many damaging elements to the skin are unavoidable and that is why we pride ourselves on being able to offer protection and experience when caring for you and your skins needs. 

Meet Carey. Carey was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and started Chemotherapy at the beginning of this year. Chemotherapy as we all know can cause total hair loss, as well as many other unwelcome side effects. Carey works outdoors and found that the condition of her skin dramatically worsened during her chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment and this was something that Carey was looking to fix.

We introduced Carey to our HelioCare Advanced Sun Protection range. The HelioCare range provides clinically advanced anti-ageing and skin-health protection and enhancement. The range is available in 30+ SPF and offers a choice of a tinted gel to provide coverage as well as protection. Carey opted for the standard SPF 50 Gel and started to use it every day on her skin, applying some in the morning after showering. After only 1 week of using the gel Carey’s skin had really started to improve and it was clearly visible to see. The red patches appeared a lot calmer and the ‘roughness’ that had gradually been getting worse was no longer an issue. Carey was left with smooth glowing skin; a picture of real health compared to the dull and course skin that had started to take over. Carey was back and she looked fab!!


 To maintain and improve skin-health and to reduce the impact on skin ageing; an everyday, all year round approach to UV protection using scientifically researched and clinically proven products is the ideal basis of a clinical and evidence based skin management program and is something the HelioCare range and Whitethorn Fields MediClinic can provide.

If you would like to know more about the range or would like to purchase any of the SPF products you can call us on 01296 614441, or drop by the clinic and one of our team members will be happy to help.

Whitethorn Fields MediClinic – Come as you are… leave as you want to be


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