Micropigmentation – Where art meets science

Everybody knows what a tattoo is and generally how they work. But if I was to say the word ‘Micropigmentation’ to you would you know what I meant? A handful maybe would but the majority of people have not heard of micropigmentation, what it is used for or how it works. The fact is that micropigmentation is simply a different form of tattooing with one difference; pigments are used instead of the inks which are used for regular tattoos. Caron Vetter, MD of Whitethorn Fields MediClinic and Micropigmentation Specialist, describes to us how micropigmentation is used and what makes it different from a normal tattoo, ‘Micropigmentation can be used for medical and cosmetic reasons. One of the most common forms of medical tattooing is Areola and Nipple Restoration, which a patient would have after undergoing a breast reconstruction following on from a mastectomy due to breast cancer. Other forms of medical micropigmentation include cleft lip camouflage and hair replacement for patients with Alopecia. The results can be life changing and myself and my team are working hard to get the message out there that these procedures are available’. A more common form of micropigmentation which is likely to be more widely known is Cosmetic Micropigmentation, for things such as eye-liner, eyebrows and lip liner. Hundreds of women now look to cosmetic tattooing to help them with their features, defining the face and helping them to regain confidence that may have been lost over the years. ‘I feel I have been given the ability to change lives and no job could be more rewarding’ explains Caron. Not only does Caron offer these treatments but she teaches nurses within the NHS and private practices the art of Areola Restoration working towards making the treatment more widely accessible throughout the country. There are many different reasons why someone may be looking into Micropigmentation treatments and it is important they have all the facts and understand the treatment process. Research should be carried out looking for a highly qualified and experienced practitioner. Here at Whitethorn Fields MediClinic Caron has over 25 years experience doing micropigmentation, was one of the first to train in the procedure from the UK over in America and goes around the country teaching nurses within the NHS. Below are some examples of her work showcasing just what a difference these treatments can make. For further information you can visit our websites at either www.whitethornfieldsmediclinic.co.uk or www.featuresforlife.co.uk or call us on 01296 614441. Image Alopecia patient who has had Semi Permanent Eyebrows and Eye-liner. Image Alopecia patient who has had Semi Permanent Eyebrow treatment. Image Semi Permanent Eyebrow definition. Micropigmentation at Whitethorn Fields MediClinic – Put some definition back in to your life


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