When an eyebrow is more than just an eyebrow

We meet many different people from all walks of life on a weekly basis at the clinic. With offering such a wide variety of treatments and procedures, you never know who is going to walk through our door next or for what reasons.

When Tessa Guy came to us last month, it was to see Caron Vetter, our micropigmentation specialist who has nearing a two month waiting list. She was booked in for a free consultation with Caron to discuss semi permanent eyebrow treatment. It can become very easy for us to forget just what a big deal visiting the clinic can be to some people. We are here everyday, know all the options available to people inside out and know how it can be a quick and simple procedure, but it is so so important that we do not forget. We have no idea what each individual has been through and what has led them to us, and especially in Caron’s line of work, it is more often a heartbreaking, emotional journey that has ended up with them sitting nervously in her treatment room.

And that is where Caron excels! She remembers that they all have a story, they all will be feeling different emotions when visiting her, some excited some purely petrified, some worn-out. Whatever their story, Caron will always make them feel at ease within minutes, and when Tessa came to us it was no different. After going through Cancer treatment and loosing all her hair to chemotherapy, when Tessa’s eyebrows did grow back the ends did not, and she was left with half an eyebrow on each side. That is when she decided to look in to Eyebrow Tattooing and was soon booked in with Caron. The rest they say is history. Tessa is absolutely thrilled with the end result and again we have a life changing story from such a simple (in treatment terms) procedure.

Although you see more and more stories in the press these days regarding semi permanent make up, it is very rarely for reasons such as this. We all know the celebrities are a fan of the treatment, and seeing their before and after photos yes can be lovely, however we want to spread the word on how it can REALLY change a persons life, a person that may not even begin to think that this treatment can actually benefit them in some way. So we will keep doing what we do, and keep spreading the word. Caron loves what she does and counts her self extremely lucky to be able to touch peoples lives on a daily basis. If we can help one more person regain their lost self confidence and feel good about them selves for what may be the first time after any traumatic experience, then in our eyes, that is not a bad days work really is it!

Tessa Guy, before and after treatment. Please follow this link and read from Tessa herself, just how she found the experience with Caron and what it means to her. InMindInBody Blog

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