Blemished Skin – A cross we all have to bear


Blemishes. A word which can be used to describe an army of marks, pigments, red blotches, spider veins and spots to the skin. A word which is never welcome when we get up in the morning and have that first glimpse into the mirror. What ‘blemish’ has appeared today?! What is suddenly looking aggressive and obtrusive this morning?! There are many many factors as to why we get blemishes; sunlight, alcohol, and the foods we eat, however sometimes it is just plain bad luck and there is no real blame to point at anyone or anything. So, how can you help reduce the risk of incurring a blemish from the long list of possible blemishes?

  1. Regularly cleanse. Wash your face every day to keep your pores smaller and unblocked. This will most definitely reduce the risk to minimum as you are keeping your pores small, clean and fresh. You can go one step further and apply a thin layer of natural yoghurt to the skin. The yoghurt will reduce the size of the pores and is fantastic for killing off the bacteria that can build up causing breakouts of spots.
  2. Supplement your skin care routine by drinking lots of water, getting a good night’s sleep and using a light makeup, mineral if possible. We all know water is good for you and your skin as is precious uninterrupted sleep so it is simple; do both and your skin will benefit from it. If you use heavy thick makeup you are simply pushing back all of the other good measures you are doing. Heavy makeup will clog your pores and create a great home for bacteria to grow. Only use light coverage but to really look after your skin you should be using a mineral make up. This will let your skin breathe and is made of pure natural minerals, no additives or chemicals.
  3. Use the right products for your individual skin. High street brands will not be able to offer products for severely blemished skin so seek advice from a skin specialist and make sure you talk about the right products for you. Skin shouldn’t be to oily or to dry because both can cause the skin to breakout or make it itchy and flaky.
  4. For men with acne clean your skin with warm water before you shave. Lather using a shaving brush and shave around the pimples if you can. Make sure the razor is clean and use a light hand with a single quality blade to avoid tugging of the hair. It may not be as close a shave but it will hopefully cause less irritation.
  5. Treat your skin. There are numerous specialist skin treatments available for you that are there because they work. To kick start your skin ‘clean up’ or to maintain healthy clean looking skin you should be having regular skin treatments. Whether a microdermabrasion to ‘sluff’ off the dead skin cells and rejuvenate the skin, or a stronger chemical peel to boost collagen and revitalize the skin, seek advice from a specialist who can help you get the most from your treatments.

At Whitethorn Fields MediClinic we are here to help you with all your skins needs. Come and see one of our specialists for a FREE CONSULTATION where we can discuss with you treatment options, give advice on any skin care routines and products you should be using, and to answer any questions you may have about your skin. We love what we do because we can truly change peoples lives for the better! Who wants blemishes?!

Whitethorn Fields MediClinc, come as you are, leave as you want to be. 01296 614441


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