EDS – Electronic Derma Stamp – Treatment Programme Review at Whitethorn Fields MediClinic: 3rd and Final Teatment

3 months after starting my EDS journey and I am feeling confident. My skin is looking great, I am still getting regular comments on my skins appearance and I am slowly becoming less and less of a make up addict!

It was time for my 3rd and final EDS treatment and as I layed on the bed I started working out when to book my 4th! After already having 2 of my 3 treatments from my course I had finally found a treatment that really works and gives real results, of course I want to carry this on.

I underwent the EDS course of 3 sessions for two reasons; 1-to address the acne scarring to my cheeks as a result from years of teenage acne, 2-to give my skin an overall MOT and to improve the texture and appearance. I still had one more treatment to have and I was already thrilled with the results seen so far.

Now time for my last session. Again, I was suprised by the soothing sensation of the hand piece gliding over my skin. I bravely (or so I thought!) agreed to have my nose included in the treatment this time, which I had opted out of in the last two! However again there was no need for my concern over what I thought would be a very bony sore area! It felt no different to the rest of the treatment, maybe a slight pinch felt on the very tip of the nose.


7pm on the night of my last EDS and I am glowing like a bare face left out in the sun! I am rather shocked at the appearance of my skin as I was expecting little reaction like I experienced after my second treatment. But this was not the case. I was very red, very blotchy, and very sore; much like the after affects from my very first treatment. This just goes to show that everybody really is different, your skin is very different and depending on hormones, the condition of the skin and many more factors depends on what reaction you will get. So I applied a generous amount of the soothing serum provided to me from Nikki and would wait till morning to see how my skin was getting on.

Day 1 post treatment- My skin feels great! However I don’t look it! I am still very red and blotchy but a covering of the HelioCare Colour SPF 50 conceals this and I have no problem going to work. There is no tightness, soreness or any uncomfortable feeling to my face today, so I will expect the redness to go down in a couple of days as before and look froward to reviewing the before and after photos taken of my skin to track the successfulness of the treatment.


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