EDS – Electronic Derma Stamp – Treatment Programme Review at Whitethorn Fields MediClinic: 2nd Treatment, 4 weeks after the first procedure


4 weeks after my first EDS treatment my skin is looking fresh and clean. I have received a number of compliments stating how good my skin looks which is always lovely to hear. This must be down to the EDS as nothing else has changed in my skin care routine. With a gradual treatment like the EDS where results are not seen instantly it is very reassuring to know that others can see improvement. When you look at your face every day it can become hard to see changes and you often overlook any gradual progression.

So 4 weeks had passed and it was time for my second EDS treatment. I must say even though I was so surprised at how comfortable the treatment was last time, I found myself getting nervous to have the second. This must be the psychological aspect to having procedures carried out; knowing what is coming and what will be happening to my skin, as again I was very pleasantly surprised at how painless the procedure was, with only a few experiences of uncomfortable tenderness felt.

However what came next was the real shocker. I was fully prepared for the extremely sore and painful ‘sunburn’ feeling in the evening after my treatment; however this was at least 80% LESS then what it was after my first treatment. I felt very little discomfort or stinging and soon after I was home forgot I had had the procedure done at all! I simply washed my face with warm water before bed, and yes it was still very red and blotchy like before, but I was in no discomfort at all.

Today is day 1 after my second EDS procedure and when I woke my face was still red and blotchy, yet completely pain free with no tightness or sore areas felt. I again simply washed with warm water and I have used HelioCare SPF 50 Color to give coverage and protection for the day. I will wash only with water again tonight and tomorrow return to my normal skin care regime using Hydropeptide Skin Care products.


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