STOP PRESS – HelioCare SFP 50 Color has arrived and we LOVE IT!!!

It is not very often that you can be blown-away, stunned, astounded and flabbergasted all in one! But that is exactly how I felt when I received the new HelioCare SPF 50 Color from Aestheticare to try along side my EDS treatment programme. 

Heliocare® Advanced SPF50 Gelcream Colour provides the Heliocare high levels of skin-protection and a great to use skin-feel, with a skin tone enhancing bronzer, ideal for masking uneven areas of skin-tone and blemishes’. 

That’s what it says on the tin….. and that is exactly what it does! I thought I had heard it all before, that nothing compares to the good coverage of makeup to enhance the appearance of the skin and hide the blemishes, but I had to eat my words by the bucket load as the Heliocare Color really REALLY works.

I have forever been a user of makeup, every day and night I apply what has probably become a sort of shield for me. Since a young age I suffered from severe acne and this sparked my relationship with finding the perfect coverage for my skin without feeling caked in the stuff! I use and have been for a long time YoungBlood Mineral makeup as this is a natural light-weight makeup that provides excellent long lasting coverage. So when I applied for the first time Heliocare SPF50 Color I can hand on heart tell you I was taken aback at how good the coverage was for a simple gel SPF. Not only did I feel satisfied with the coverage (which is always hard for me) but I felt as if I had nothing on my face at all! The light-weight smooth feel to the gel makes your skin look and feel fresh and glowing, at the same times as gaining FULL coverage AND advanced UV protection! As a result I have now converted to wearing ONLY HelioCare SPF50 Color for my day time coverage, finished off with a little blush and lipstick. I will still go the ‘whole-hog’ for evenings out and special occasions using YoungBlood mineral makeup for a more made up look, but for everyday use the Heliocare SPF50 Color is perfect. 

At Whitethorn Fields MediClinic we strongly recommended that Heliocare SPF50 should be used along side any skin care treatments and procedures and now you can get coverage as well as protection and added benefits from your procedure. This was great for me when my face was to sore and still slightly raw from my EDS treatment that applying any sort of makeup to the skin was out of the question. So not only did this sooth and protect the skin but I wasn’t left looking red and blotchy, I was able to achieve fantastic coverage without clogging up or damaging my skin. 

If I had to name a ‘product of the year’ this year within my clinic and the industry it would for me unquestionably be the HelioCare SPF50 Color range. With a small price tag of only £28 for a sizeable bottle, this product does exactly as it promises.


The full HelioCare SPF50 Color range is available from Whitethorn Fields MediClinic

 01296 614441



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