EDS – Electronic Derma Stamp – Treatment Programme Review at Whitethorn Fields MediClinic: 3 weeks Post Treatment

It has been 3 weeks since the date of my first EDS treatment. My skin is looking great! The dryness, flaky patches and dull complexion have all retired and at the moment I am left with fresh clear skin. I feel I now have one tone to my skin, rather than the several different shades I was use to before treatment! My scarring is still looking the same at present, maybe slightly less coarse, but this is to be expected, I still have two more EDS treatments to have. I experienced a few little break outs of spots around my chin area within the 3 weeks after treatment but they soon cleared up and I am no longer getting these. My 2nd EDS treatment is scheduled for next week, 4 weeks after the first. 


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