EDS – Electronic Derma Stamp – Treatment Programme Review at Whitethorn Fields MediClinic: Day 1 Post Treatment



Day 1 Post Treatment
AM: Today my face was still slightly sore and tight, and the pink colour was now patchy and not covering the entire face. It was a lot more comfortable and did not distract as much as the previous day. I went makeup free and applied HelioCare SFP30 as instructed by Nikki. (You will be recommended and instructed on aftercare when having the treatment).

PM: Again I was thankful not to have any events to attend and could stay at home this evening due to the appearance of my face. The stinging and tightness had now subsided and I felt normal again, however it was still patchy and pink and it had started to feel hard and dry. This was also only in patches, particularly to my cheeks; reason being they are my worst areas and so Nikki concentrated on these areas more so than others. After the initial soreness and stinging I am now really looking forward to having the next one already! 


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