EDS – Electronic Derma Stamp – Treatment Programme Review at Whitethorn Fields MediClinic

Acne Scarring Treatment, Aylesbury

Hello, my name is Bethany Mallinson and I am Office Manager at Whitethorn Fields MediClinic. I suffered from severe acne when I was growing up through my teens and as a result from this have been left with scaring to my face, specifically to the cheek areas. I will be having 3 EDS treatments with our fabulous nurse Nikki at the clinic, and will be documenting the entire process and results for you.

‘NEW and from the home of multi-gold award winning Genuine Dermaroller™, eDS™ Skin Rejuvenation takes medical aesthetic skin-needling electric. Using the eDermastamp™ (eDS™) German engineered and manufactured medical device, it enables practitioners to provide; even more intensive, even more controllable and even more comfortable medical skin-needling procedures. Stimulating the skin to regenerate and repair itself naturally and safely, creating smoother, brighter, younger, healthier-looking skin.

Who should have eDS™ Skin Rejuvenation?
eDS™ Skin Rejuvenation using the eDermastamp™ medical

device can significantly improve the appearance of; acne scars, sun
damaged  and ageing skin, facial and décolleté lines and wrinkles.’

Single Treatment: £210   –    Course of 3: £550


Here is a little more information about the EDS and how it works:

How does eDS™ Skin Rejuvenation work?
Using the eDermastamp™ medical device,
thousands of micro-medical needle-columns
are produced in the skin. The columns will
close rapidly enabling the skin to recover
quickly, often in the same day. The medical
skin-needles physically stimulate keratinocytes,
fibroblasts and other skin cells to produce a
cascade of mediators and growth factors that
stimulate fibroblasts to produce collagen and
regeneration of the dermis. The depth of needle
penetration and the needle speeds can be
changed and adapted during a treatment giving
the practitioner high level control based on the
area being treated and the treatment response.

Suitable for all skin types and with minimal
downtime following treatment, eDS™ Skin
Rejuvenation is ideal for patients in need of
skin rejuvenation and scar repair.
The number of treatments needed will vary
depending on the skin complaint being
addressed, however eDS™ Skin Rejuvenation
would normally consist of three procedures
with approximately six weeks between them.


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