EDS – Electronic Derma Stamp – Treatment Programme Review at Whitethorn Fields MediClinic


First Procedure
1PM: after having a local anaesthetic cream applied to the face and left on for about ½ hour, it was nice and numb ready to start treatment. I was quiet apprehensive as I laid on the bed, not sure what to expect so braced for the worst. I was very pleasantly surprised. As the device made contact with the skin I did not feel any discomfort or pain, more of a vibrating motion gliding along my face. I instantly relaxed as the treatment got underway and Nikki worked her way round the left side of my face.

As we got further into the treatment I did sometimes feel a sudden ‘sting’ of discomfort, but this instantly stopped and so was very bearable. As Nikki was nearing the end and had almost covered my entire face, I had just about had enough and was ready to stop. That wasn’t due to the treatment itself carrying on but the areas already treated were slowly starting to sting a little, and so put together with the vibrating motion over the last area was nearing enough for me, but before I knew it the treatment was completed and I had received my 1st EDS full face treatment.

Immediately after treatment my face was very red and slightly sore. I was instructed to wear no make up for at least 24 hours, 48 if possible, and within a short period of time the uncomfort was already declining. I could carry out the rest of my working day as my face slowly reduced it reddish appearance, and I was left with a slightly pink tone.

8PM: I would not have this treatment on the same day as any occasion or event as you will need some down time. By the evening on the day of my treatment my face was very sore and very tight, still with a pink tone. The best likeliness to describe the feeling and appearance is sunburn. I was not in any pain and was fine at home for the evening with slight stinging felt every now and then, but personally would not have wanted to go out anywhere and could not even contemplate applying make up to my face yet!


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