Keloid Scar Treatment – Life Changing Results

I think it is safe to say that we all have a scar somewhere on our body’s, and if not we all know someone that does. Whether small as a result of an earlier accident or fall, or scars left behind from surgery, cosmetic or not, they can be quiet distressing for many and can effect your appearance considerably, making you feel self concious and embarrassed by this mark permanently  branding your skin. 

Well, that is until you are introduced to Kelo-Cote. Kelo-Cote is a silicone based gel that is the ONLY CLINICALLY PROVEN product that can help with appearance of scars. That’s a big bold claim, however it it not a claim like all the other products on the market; it really works. 

Taken from the Kelo-Cote website, they explain how:

‘Kelo-cote is the only patented, transparent, self-drying 100% silicone gel which improves the appearance of scars and prevents abnormal and excessive scar formation.

A favorite of doctors and patients since 1998, Kelo-cote has been clinically proven to help reduce the redness, hardness, elevation, itch and pain associated with scars. It has also demonstrated efficacy in preventing scars as well. This patented silicone gel is safe and effective for scars resulting from surgery, trauma, wounds, or burns. 

Kelo-cote’s patented silicone scar gel dries within minutes forming a flexible, breathable, waterproof sheet over the affected area. This invisible silicone sheet binds with the stratum corneum (the outer layer of dead skin cells) to protect the underlying tissue against chemical, physical and microbial invasion of the scar and provide the optimal healing environment for aesthetic scar outcome.’

So I am putting you to the test; if you have or know of someone who has a scar anywhere on their body and it effects your confidence in any way at all then please please try Kelo-Cote. I ask you to do this as I know it really does work and in return can be life changing for so many people. Give it a go, for the small price it costs it is a true find.

Kelo-CoteAvailable at Whitethorn Fields MediClinic – 01296 614441 –




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