The Snow and your Skin

As we type this, it’s snowing outside!  England’s winter wonderland is beautiful and yes, lots of fun! But it can totally cause mayhem with your beauty routine! This weather brings with it harsh winds, which will dry out and chap your sensitive skin. And even when you try and escape the chill and head indoors, radiator heat can also leave you with flaky, dull skin, drying out your body.Image

Here are a few tips to make sure your skin is looked after throughout the snow fall, high winds and rain!

  • Extra Hydration – Drink lots of water! It sounds simple but you have to have water in your body in order for it to nourish your skin’s needs. The recommended amount is 7-8 glasses of water throughout the day.
  • Moisture All Over – It’s not just your face that needs the help with hydration. Use a good moisturizer all over the body. Our Hydropeptide range stocks a fabulous Skin Firming Hydrator, a moisturizer to use all over the body, a non-greasy cream that does it all. A highly recommended skin care tool!
  • ·         Keep it cool and limit time – One thing many people love to do when they get in from the cold is to jump in a nice hot shower to warm up! But remember that hot water and lengthy showers will strip oils and natural lipids from the skin. To avoid this and protect your skin limit your shower to 15 minutes or less, and keep the water at room temperature. Patting your skin dry rather than rubbing it is also a must as the rubbing action can irritate skin that is already sensitive.
  • ·         Treat your face – Book in for a facial! It doesn’t have to be an all out expensive all singing all dancing facial, but a simple replenishing treatment will really benefit your skin in the cold weather. Our Hydropeptide Facial is fantastic for this, incorporating its range of peptide products supplying you with a little extra support for your skin care at home, helping to look after and hydrate your skin, leaving you with fantastic results!

So wrap up, stay hydrated and moisturize! Don’t welcome summer with dry chapped skin unable to embrace the season of sun!



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