Picture Perfect Eyebrows with Features for Life, Cosmetic and Medical tattooing

We have the Oscars approaching as well as the Golden Globes, and one thing that is certainly taking centre stage in the current beauty market today, are the Eyebrows. Everybody has become more and more fixated with having the perfect set of brows, from the glamorous Cheryl Cole to the homely Holly Willoughby.  As more are showing their flawless brow shapes off, everybody is after that picture perfect finish that can dramatically enhance your looks and give some extra definition to the face.

Semi Permanent Eyebrow make-up is a cosmetic form of traditional tattooing. Using computerised technology, pharmaceutical grade pigments are tattooed into the upper dermis of the skin. This can be used to define the lips, the eyes and the eyebrows. Semi Permanent cosmetics are the future in the beauty industry and are being used increasingly for cosmetic and medical purposes to compliment the work of surgeons, aesthetic doctors and ophthalmologists.

Semi Permanent Make-up can be used to enhance your features for those who simply want to look better naturally or to create a more made-up look for those who don’t want to spend hours in front of the mirror. As the results of this treatment can be as subtle or dramatic as desired, semi permanent make-up is suitable for both women and men of all ages.

Medical conditions such as Alopecia or treatments including Chemotherapy can cause hair loss in many people. Some will loose all their eyebrow hair and even their eyelashes, and this is when semi permanent make-up can make a real life changing difference. Individual hair strokes can be used to build up the individual hairs for the eyebrows, leaving a natural perfectly shaped brow.

All cosmetic and medical tattooing procedures require two treatments, one month apart, which is included in the price. Any further ‘colour boosts’ required will be charged from £150.





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