New Year… New You

We would like to start by wishing a happy New Year to you all!

Make 2013 your year, the year you stand up and make those changes that have been floating around in your head every time that clock has struck 12 each new years eve! Lets put a stop to all the ‘next weeks’ and the ‘I will look in to that when I have more time’. Live for the today and your tomorrow will have no choice but to be brighter, better and more successful!

And where to start, well, your health and your beauty of course! Get the running shoes out, the gym card ready and the salad bowl at hand! Living a healthy life style will not only make you look ‘a million dollars’, but you will start to feel it to!

But do not stop there! O no! What is the point of putting all this effort in if you, like so many people, leave the blemishes, veins, wrinkles and spots! It would be like the great Leonardo da Vinci putting his paint brush down before adding Mona Lisa’s facial features! A masterpiece in the making… but not quiet finished!

So make time for the facials and the peels, book in for your Dermal Filler and wrinkle relaxing injections, and get rid of those unsightly leg veins!

Make 2013 your year, and be the leading lady in your life, not just the best friend!



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