A Feminist Statement?

Brave and beautiful Emer O’Toole has been hitting the headlines with her choice not to shave any of her body hair, AT ALL! She proudly raised her arms to the nation the other week showcasing her thick, dark, long armpit hair.

Emer does not shave, wax or pluck any of her body hair, going ‘o-natural’ in all attire’s. Her reason for doing so is due to the fact that she believes that shaving body hair is ‘anti-feminist’. She started to examine her relationship with her own body and body hair and since then, has not shaved since! 

Whilst almost every woman has been slightly revolted by the sight of the hair-ridden body of Emer O’Toole, each comment and opinion came with respect and praise at how brave she is to embark on such an ‘anti-social’ task. However I cant help but think that every view coming from the minds and mouths of us women, is all fuel’d by an emotion that we like to keep under wraps, jealousy. 

We have all had our days when we wish we didn’t have to straighten, spray, colour, shave, moisturise or even get dressed out of our comfy jogging bottoms and loose top, so surely if it was accepted and over looked, wouldn’t we all love to ditch the trials and tribulations of shaving and waxing? 

Although the answer in your head im sure is yes, the answer that I feel will always be coming from our mouths, is no. Society has evolved as it always will be, and I believe it will be near impossible for this way of life to ever turn into reality. With magazines, television, and today’s celebrity culture, looks and image are constantly under scrutinization and judgement. The world has created a society where we will never be witness’ to all women wandering with un-tamed hair on show, other than the groomed barnett up top! 

So I shall continue to keep my body hair down to a minimum using all the latest ‘pain-free’ procedures made available for us today, as it is now a way of life that will never be reversed, no matter how many of us feel it should.Image


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