PIP Implants

The PIP Implants have been circling the headlines for the past few weeks now. Before we go on, Mr. Ghosh has NEVER used any PIP Implants for any of his breast surgeries.

The Government are saying that there is no urgent medical risk making it necessary to remove all PIP Implants, whether private or NHS. However, if you did have your PIP Implants done on the NHS, the government are accepting anxiety as a reason to remove AND replace the implants.

If your surgery was done privately, it is down to the clinic itself to remove and replace your implants.  But, this is not a must, and some big names in the industry are NOT offering to remove or replace the implants without a cost to the patient. In these instances, the NHS are willing to step in and remove the implants, but will not replace them without cost.

There are many views and opinions on this subject. Many feel that is it a case of profit over patient care, should’nt all the private clinics that implanted the PIP Implants be offering free removal for their patients? After all, their patients paid for high-grade implants in good faith. To make them pay AGAIN for help and replacement, through no fault of their own, seems unfair.

Which side of the fence do you sit on? Are you a PIP ‘victim’ yourself?


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